How to become a realtor.

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How to become a realtor.


Becoming a real estate agent is a good career choice, taking that one step into becoming realtor is a better choice. A realtor is a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors and they have a lot of credibility in the real estate industry because all their activities have to abide by a strict code of ethics which looks at all angles of their activities including honesty, not undercutting the competitors, putting the interests of their clients and other stakeholders before their interests among other things.


The first step to becoming a realtor is you need to qualify to be a real estate agent. You must be above 19 years of age and have completed at least college-level real estate program. You also have to be someone of impeccable background, you will need to submit fingerprints for a background check, this to confirm that you do not have any outstanding cases or are a criminal. Not all criminal cases will lead to rejection, however, if you have a link to activities where people may have lost their money due to fraud, then you will not get certification.

 You need to take a pre-licensing course, and the number of hours you need to complete to get the certification depends on the area you are taking the classes from. You can also do the courses online.  Some of the topics covered include ethics, marketing, principles of real estate amongst others.

 Start to build your networks, this way when you want to start working as a realtor, you will already have connections and can use them to buy or sell the property.

You will need to do an exam and so you need to study well for it. The pass mark varies from state to state and you need to know what you state recommends as the pass mark.


In order to sell, you will need to study the market.   For instance, if you live in a tourist area, you should have a very good grasp of rental properties because many tourists will be looking for accommodation when they come for holiday.

 You also need to talk to other industry players including brokers and agents to know what is happening in the market, and how you can work together to build linkages and prosper in the business.

 Join associations that can help you improve your trade and use social media to your advantage. There are professional sites like Linkedin where you can build networks with like-minded people, thereby giving you an opportunity to learn and grow your business. Joining the National Association of Realtors will give you that step up from being a real estate agent to a realtor.

Succeeding in the real estate industry requires someone who is not afraid to aggressively pursue business, remember your business depends a lot on your knowledge and your ability to convince someone to sell or buy property. Network with the right people and continue to learn every day.